Love Beauty Sex Doll


  • Love Beauty Sex Doll
  • Material: Silicone, PVC
  • Easy to use and clean


Love Beauty Sex Doll

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Model Number:-LBSD16999

So, if you need a high-class escort lady, all you have to do is book her, and she’s yours to satisfy all your whims.

The love doll exudes sensual beauty with curly blonde hair, a seductive body, and a captivating face. Breathtakingly gorgeous, this chick can make you fall for her without even trying. So, take a good look at her, and you’ll be mesmerized. Her luscious boobs are round and firm, perfect for your hands to play with, while her tits are delicious for sucking.

“I make a man happy and satisfied in bed. I don’t refuse, and I don’t hesitate when he wants me to suck his dick. I’ve already mastered giving a blowjob, so don’t be shy and put it in my mouth. So, I’ve got a tight ass and an even tighter pussy. Oh, you should give them equal attention, or I’ll feel bad. If you want to keep me for the long haul, that would be great! We can have sex any time of the day or whenever you like,” says Love doll.

She’ll feel natural to touch as she’s made of high-quality TPE. Supporting her build is a metal frame inside her. You can bend her knees, legs, and arms or spread her legs wide. The love doll is up for whatever sex position you have in mind.

Specifications: Love Beauty Sex Doll

Color: Flesh
Material: Silicone, TPE
Body measurements:
Height- 5 feet 6 Inches
Waist- 17.32 inches
Hip- 27.56 inches
Bust- 28.35
Weight: 5 kg

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1 X Love Beauty Sex Doll                                                                                                                                                                    Sex doll kits
1 X Packaging Box
Warranty card

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